Thatch Fire Protection

PJD Thatch Protection Services was established 15years ago. Our products, Supercote and Thatch Marshall 8000  has undergone several tests including the ASTM E:108 test as required by local authorities and the insurance industry and is accepted by all Fire Departments as well as Municipalities.

These products are professionally manufactured under licence agreement, and in accordance with quality assurance programmes. The product is not only a fire retardant, but contains other properties such as UV filters, bonding agents and fungicides as well, thereby also retarding the ageing process of your roof.

thatch fire retardant

Quick Facts

  • It has no Smell
  • It has no Colour.
  • It is seamless and can be done in stages.
  • prolongs lifespan of your Thatch.
  • It is Tested, Verified And Approved.
  • It is Fire Retardant.
Fire is a major risk in thatch homes and once it catches alight, a home can burn to the ground in less than 7 minutes.
If your lapa / thatch is within 4,5m from the boundary or within 9m from any other building on the same site, you are required by law to Fire Protect as well as obtain a Rational Design (Fire Design) issued by a competent person. In addition, any other thatch building that is enclosed also needs fire protection.
Most insurance companies insist on Fire Protection and some will give discounted rates if your roof has been treated.