Thatch Roofs

Thatch roofs dates back to the earliest of times. We at Pjd Thatch believe that we raised this traditional craft to a modern art form. Utilising the latest techniques employed in thatching, we present you with a thatch roof which is aesthetically pleasing, functional and durable. Our roofs are thatched according to SANS 10407:2006 specifications.

• Our materials are hand selected and of superior quality.
• Our wooden structures are sound, we only use SANS 457-3 approved, treated Eucalyptus poles & laths which are bolted together at all joints, and secured with nail plates on all pole ends.
• On all roof structures smaller than 100 square meters:
    - Our rafters are spaced a maximum of 800 mm apart.
    - Our laths are spaced 240 mm apart.
    - Our rafters are a minimum of 100 mm in diameter.

Our thatch is installed in a 180 - 230 mm thick layer.
• One of our project managers is present at all times on project sites.
• Regular site visits by managerial members ensure projects are delivered on time and to our impeccable standards to ensure customer satisfaction.
• Our workmanship is always guaranteed.


thatch roofs
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