Best Thatching Company in Johannesburg.


With more than 11 years contract thatching expertise and repairing lapa thatching or new roofing thatching.  We design, supply thatching material and building new lapa thatching as well as new thatch roofing.

We also do Thatch repairs and thatching maintenance – which should be done every few years to keep your thatch in good condition.

  • Maintenance on thatch Roofs and Lapa’s in Johannesburg
  • We fix thatch roof constructions that are not build accorder to SABS standard.
  • Maintain your thatch roof and Lapa
  • Pulling of the thatch roof twine or rope. This makes your grass stiff again so that the thatching grass does not fall out. This lengthens the lifespan of your thatched roof.
  • Apply chicken wire to your roof if needed.
  • Leveling of grass ends
  • Straiten of grass ends
  • Painting and repair of your fiberglass ridging
  • Brush your thatch roof
  • Insert grass where needed
thatch repairs